05 January, 2010

9 Years Reign Ends.

It came with great glee when I went trough a local new paper and read that the 9 years serving VC of UiTM has retired from the post. Of course as many Malay / Bumiputra loyalist would claim that he has done a lot for the Malay / Bumiputra higher education. I have to agree to a certain extent. But still the institution is still not of world standards as it may claim to be.

Anyway, this is not a personal lambaste. So I shall leave that matter to just that but instead would be interested on what his successor has planned. Dr. Ir. Sahol (pardon me if i get it wrong) as far as I can remember preaches Bumi centric issues as well (duh who is not in UiTM?). But it would be interesting to see his approach which I hope is fair and not as much as spoon feeding Bumi youths.

First things first, please give due credit to the lecturers who deserves a raise and a promotion as apposed to it being limited to certain cronies to the administration. Don't tell me there is none. Everyone knows and it is an open secret. Just be fair.... is that too much to ask?

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