07 January, 2010

Allah, Selangor Anthem & Khalid Ibrahim

I figure someone would make a silly statement sooner or later. In this case I must hand it to the MB of Selangor. Yes, Allah is indeed in that lyrics of the Selangor anthem but I seriously doubt that it refers to God in general. What prompted him to give out such a statement beggars belief.

He is a Muslim, a leader to the state of Selangor and politician. So this is the part where he is playing his role as a politician and might just forgot that he is also a Muslim. What is the proof that Allah can be used to refer generally to God? It does not state in the Bible. So if it is not used in the Bible why should it be used by Christians?

Muslim prophets have biblical names.... but those are never used in the Quran. Moses? Muslims use Musa, Abraham? Muslims use Ibrahim. See... it is not similar character to character at all. Now, this MB of Selangor better get his facts right.

The Selangor anthem refers to Allah as Islam is the official religion of the State and not because Allah is referred to God generally by all. Is he trying to make peace? If he is, this is not the right way to do it. In fact with that statement he has just added more problems. Bravo I say!!! Bravo!!!

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