08 January, 2010

Church gets torched. Some speculate it's the Allah issue.

It's Friday. Come midday things might just get ugly. This issue over the use of Allah in a Catholic publication is causing every other Christian some problems. Must I also add that some Muslims are idiots too. Don't they know that predominantly there are 3 sects of Christianity in Malaysia? I bet they don't so maybe, just maybe some morons decide to torch a non Catholic Church last night.

If it is the Catholics that caused the problem why bring it to the Anglicans and Protestants? Owh~ yeah they are all Christians. Duh. This is where our education failed, unless one takes the extra effort to learn how many major divisions in Christianity are there. It is very similar to Islam where predominantly there 4 schools of taught. But I guess who bloody cares anyway.

The ignorance of both Muslims and Christians in this country are really making both sides look like idiots. Which for a fact that the Courts could have avoided but the lame judges decided to allow the use of Allah in a Catholic publication. All due respect to the courts but the official religion on this country is Islam. Why? Because the King the royal house are Muslims. So the consideration for the verdict should uphold the constitution.

So we now have a torched church~ the wrong one at that!!! So what now? Someone is going to burn down a mosque? Want to try that? After that what? We exchange torching each other's place of worship just because it is an eye for an eye? Can't you see the pointlessness in all this?

To those who burned down the church, bravo! You just proved that you are not only ignorant but also an enemy of the state. Provoking unrest in the general public. Those who are thinking of burning a mosque will undoubtedly be no different than those who burned the church.

The authorities should reconsider on not allowing peaceful protest after Friday prayers. They should instead protect all churches and mosques. Let those who want to protest do so. In the end they will get tired of all that shouting and marching and eventually all will go home and wait for the next Friday to do so again untill this issue is resolved. I don't need to tell what would solve this issue right? Unless of course the authorities are a bunch of wankers themselves.

Read report here.


Eve said...

Nobody had threaten to burn the mosque, so please don't try to provoke anything. At the end of the day, its respect and forgiveness that should prevail

SeaYunn said...

Totally agree with what you're saying. It's so sad this is what the foundation of our country has come down too. Even though not everyone is bombing (obviously) each other, but still so many people are blaming other religions instead of looking at themselves first and see what they are doing wrong.

Trashed said...

All parties must first agree if this is a religious issue or a legal one.

If they cannot even agree on that aspect, how do they go to the next step (whatever it is)?

The Malaysian Catholics look at it as a legal issue pertaining to the issuance of a printing licence in which conditions for its approval were changed without reason.

The Malay Muslims look at it as a religious issue as they feel that their faith is threatened.

The Home Ministry, under Syed Hamid Albar, was the catalyst in provoking this whole issue. He started to change the conditions of the publication licence which were previously deemed to be complying with the tenets of the Malaysian Constitution.

Basically, it is Syed Hamid who prised open the Pandora's box with a crowbar. Of course, he is now gone but no one could figure how to close the box and put the contents back in.

Is this some evil plan to divide Malaysians ?