27 January, 2010

High Performance Schools - Property Appreciates.

Now we have "High Performance Schools". Sound spiffy good eh? But is it really all a big deal? Well to parents yes it is. And when parents want to give the best education possible they would do anything. Change careers, stop having affairs, stop thinking of sports cars and other money consuming activity just so that the fruit of their loins be the best investment they aver made.

We had the run of "Smart Schools" which a lot of companies made a fast buck and the project turned to dust in no time. Sad to know and see that our education system is somehow brought to a flee market rush. Could there be a light at the end of this "High Performance School" tunnel?

Maybe.... but it is for certain that these schools would bring more benefit to the property sector first. It is just marketing hype after all. Does it mean those who can't afford the areas where these odd power schools are situated will be left with stupid children? That is left to wonder even more.

Lets put it this way, as parents wouldn't you want your children to be smart in every way possible in the most normal way available? Does it mean that the "normal" schools are a breed for future stupidity and incompetence? I serious think it does not. How can one expect a perfect stranger to teach all there is to know about growing up? Unless you want your children to be a thick text book. That is pretty daft if you ask me.

All schools are equal by right. They carry the same curriculum.... with teachers trained in the same public system. So what is with the fluff? Well it is just so that there is a so called a valid reason to dispense the nice round sum of moolah. What a a genius! Make the good schools even better but neglecting the rest because they are not performing. How to perform if there is not enough resources to go around in the first place?

Well at least the teachers will see their property bought with government loan appreciate in value. Nice.... very nice.


sitti said...

Well, most of the school that made it on the list are schools with high-performance in the first place. Have been doing it for years. But it's nice to know that your formal alma mater is receiving such attention. There are so many ways that the school could spend it on.

No I don't think that the students studying in schools that did not make it on the list is stupid and it doesn't necessarily mean that as you put it 'normal' schools are bad.

What I'm saying here is that, a little bit of recognition is a good incentive to stay on top or to aspire to be on top. But I do think that what the govt is giving is just too much.

Some of the funds could be used to improve the quality of education for other schools that don't always have fundings and big opportunities. I hope what the govt is doing doesn't cause a huge disparity in the quality of education between the schools.

One thing I have to disagree with you is that although every school carry the same curriculum with teachers trained in the same system, what actually goes on within the school walls makes all the difference. Different schools carries and emphasizes on different values and traditions. The different ways of the thinking of each teachers also makes a huge impact on the students.

We are not manufactured identical like mass-produced products in factories.

Rauff said...

Yes what you say is right. However I am just making a point..... essentially an education system is what it says it is "a system". This has to be fair and uniformed in it's delivery at least so that the minimum standards are kept.

A million! Per School! What an unfair allocation of tax payer's money.

JanuskieZ said...

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