22 February, 2010

BN & PAS: Same difference.

BN wants Kelantan. Pas has and still wants Kelantan. That is old hat news, so what is the same difference am I talking about? Actually I am referring to the news on BN's "New Strategy" to obtain Kelantan and leave PAS wondering what happened. The boffins of BN decide to call it 2B. Sounds more like a pencil than an actual strategy itself. However what BN claims that this strategy would work because PAS is having it's own internal problems.

BN somehow diagnosed that PAS has bugs in the form of cronyism, nepotism, and corruption. Who else would be more of an expert at that to diagnose that the opposition party has those problems but BN right?

They do seem upbeat (BN) because a recent political lecture saw 5000 people attending. Mind you, BN supporters wont even turn up unless they at least get something FOC. So the yardstick of 5000 in attendance makes BN feel very optimistic. That is however just a fraction of a fraction of PAS supporters. In fact from what I know, PAS political lectures gets attendance by the thousands every time.

Not that I am a PAS supporter myself but, I am very sceptical with just a spur of brilliant political strategy (or con job, whichever one would look at it) would shift Kelantan to favour BN. If it was just that simple, BN could have done it a very long time ago. But we all know too well that they failed terribly and perhaps they would chalk up another failure soon.

"Majulah politik untuk negara"


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