04 February, 2010

The Trial: The Sequel

This is like a bad sequel. In fact it is a very bad sequel even before the idea of a sequel started. It is bad to have been charged in court for sodomy once... now Anwar goes trough it all over again. I think that is a world record there.

Something that I figured over such cases is that it must be a trend thing. Not enough with just normal adultery, we just have to go one step higher.... Sodomy. I would not pass judgement since there is no point until proven guilty but the possibility can't be denied too. It's like show business.... we have powerful politicians in the so called case of Brokeback Mountain. If this was Hollywood the production would be in epic proportions.

Happily said the accused seems not bothered. Why should he? It is a sequel, so it would be a piece of cake. However this time around I think the public knows that this is a tiring and long case. Chasing semen, swabbing asses and testing mattresses.... every single towel inspected. But what is this all for? Just to send one old man away for a long time? How much will it cost to keep this case running?

Trust me, no one would care. It is just another Anwar Sodomy case. We heard that once too many times already. Can we move on now? Seriously..... I think there are single mothers who are more deserving to get child support than this back breaking case.

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Chauncey Gardener said...

I have always maintained that if Anwar is found guilty in a fair and open hearing, then he should be penalised appropriately.

However, the prosecution's flimsy and often contradictory evidence provided more than enough ammo for any competent defence lawyer in a fair hearing to succeed. But yet there are many who maintain that he is guilty.

In this second case, evidence so far is equally flimsy and we even have the PM implicated as he met with the "victim" days before the "incident".

Malaysians however, are bracing themselves for a gulty verdict, even with credible defence being put up.

The MSM's influence is powerful in the Malay hinterland where the advantage of information over the internet has yet to breach the barricades.