27 February, 2010

Why would locals want to work in Nasi Kandar joints?

Are Malaysian too picky for their own good? Or there is something lacking in the Nasi Kandar and Mamak business? Some do wonder why locals do not want to work at these places. But do the business owners realize that perhaps they do not offer enough opportunities?

No doubt if given the right amount of pay rate many would come flocking to work at Mamaks and Nasi Kandar Restaurants. However there is only so much money can be offered, and I dont think these places take their worker requirements and standards seriously. Let us take the a fast food joint as an example. Why do local want to work at Mc Donalds, Burger King and others? The starting pay is not that good but there are benefits and career prospects.

Now, what does say.... ABC Nasi Kandar has? 3 working shifts, open throughout the year, no proper employee enhancement program, let alone a structured promotion policy. But some of these Mamaks have multiple branches. Some as far up North all the way down South. Revenue is i bet higher than some established fastfood franchise and still employs foreigners with meager skills and even worse communication.

Now if these eateries were to just change their policies slightly and manage their worker professionally then I but slowly locals will start to take notice. Especially to those who are interested in the business. All it takes is a little effort.

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