26 March, 2010

Police logo has Allah and Muhammad.

This is based solely on my observation and my logic, which has got me thinking for a bit and came to this point that it is inappropriate. If anyone has noticed that on the logo of the Royal Malaysian Police there at the top of the crown is Allah and Muhammad. This has to be referred to the fact that since it is the ROYAL Malaysian Police and the monarch in this country upholds the religion of Islam that this two words are designed into the PDRM's logo.

So from that thought I bet all those in the police force are carrying this logo on their attire for duty in various forms of patches, badges and pins. However I would like to highlight that the police force consists of all races and different faiths. The non Muslims might respect that badge as it is a logo of their duty and job but might not know how to respect the fact that the logo carries 2 symbols that is very-very important to Muslims.

No, I am not mentioning this to cause an uproar or some outcry over this matter but I am just curious if the members of the police force actually respect this matter in their day to day duties. Muslims do not place anything that has reference to the holy Quran on the floor or places that puts the contents in disrespect. That is why it is improper in practice to wear any form of jewelry or trinkets that carries even one holy word from the Quran.

It is just a concern and my two cents.

25 March, 2010

Looks like the Selangor State Government is getting in a bit of a fix.

Permodalan Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan Sdn Bhd is claiming that the State Government has manipulated them and as such lost a huge sum. We'll have to see what happens next and would the Selangor State Government has anything to say about it or not.

Read the article here.

18 March, 2010

1Student, 1Sport: Whats with the "Gempak" taglines?

This 1 of everything is getting on my nerves. It is completely understood that as a nation we are striving to be together in doing everything. You know the "Muhibbah" tagline from yore. Well it is the same thing but updated for marketing purposes. So expect to have 1 in everything from the government. 1Malaysia, 1LRT, 1PASAR MALAM, 1KID, 1ISP, 1Satellite TV, 1SCHOOL, 1Corruption, 1Nepotism all also lah got 1.

But the government or lets say the ministers dont understand is we dont give a fuck what all this campaign / policy is called. The execution is what we want to know and judge. So we heard of the national KPI which how the grading is done is not being made public enough. The rakyat should have an avenue to give their opinions on the various government policies.

Referring the the latest debacle in parliament where Khairy and Anwar traded puns and accusations and other spit and spats we are not at all convinced that anything can be done. So many campaigns and policies and none are followed trough with a hard handed fist.

Back to the 1Sport, 1 Student thing... nice marketing touch. But seriously does the current time spent on sports or physical activity sufficient? Less than RM5 per child per year allocated for the development of school sports? That is not enough. There should be more ways than one to integrate sports into the curriculum. I remembered playing football for English. The trick was to only converse in English throughout the game. Those caught cursing or uttering in any other language are penalized by doing push-ups and to stay on the side-lines for 2 minutes. It was huge fun and funny too.

I do not blame the educators on their lack of creativity. I put the blame on the system that trained them to become educators. One can only teach what they are taught. Which makes perfect sense on the quality of sports at school level. The good ones are cherry picked to be in the school team while the others are not allowed to explore other type of sports that are not main stream. I guess education will always be second fiddle in priority.

16 March, 2010

OKU Parking: Malaysia apparently has plenty self proclaimed "disabled".

I would like to apologize first if this post offends the disabled. In no way my intentions is to make this group feel disrespected. I am referring to the recent woes of the disabled community. It is understandable that the hardship that they go trough daily bogs down their spirit but I do find many persevere the same or fair even better than the rest of us born with complete functional limbs.

However, some tend to choose to be disabled though their definition does not at all fall within the provision of society norms. I am ranting about those who deliberately park the vehicles in designated disabled parking plots. Somehow I don't think that this country has an education system that is entirely a failure. Thus how come we find very often that parking spaces for the disabled are being occupied by morons?

Perhaps they define disability a bit differently. Perhaps stupidity or lack of brains is a disability. Just have a look see at hypermarket car parks for instance. Driving along to find a parking spot one could not help it but be enticed to park in the spot reserved for the disabled. Just as when that thought passes and conscience hits us in zips a vehicle into that spot and out comes a perfectly able adult and sometimes the entire family of well groomed healthy looking specimens of their parents. Then in your heart you start cursing with the occasional mumble that escapes uttering somewhere along the lines of brain defect and retard. Only if they were really retards then it is forgiven but 99% of the time they are not.

Imagine how would a disabled feel? Already they have a hard time coping with less than perfect limbs and the awkward co-ordination to maneuver their vehicle in the crowded parking lot only to find that the disabled parking space to be taken up by someone which is perfectly (at least on limbs) healthy. Life is a bitch this disabled must think and continues to find a parking spot which he or she does eventually but is about a 100 meters away from the entrance. If they are wheelchair bound then figure that the poor person has to hop out of a cramp parking space and haul his walking aid or wheelchair from the trunk. Honestly if I were them I would have just parked my car right up at the entrance.

Of course my description does not entirely tell the whole story but I hope my dear readers get the picture. It is not a nice thing to do and the disabled already have a tough time living. So what harm is there to make their life easier? They never asked to be born or caught up in a mangling limb altering situation and finding a normal parking spot does not add up to your parking fee hours anyway. Believe me, in many ways the disabled community are the most motivated and gifted individuals in society. They take life with more courage than you muster every morning to get out of bed (for some of us that is very hard to do) and yet we either unconsciously or deliberately make their life even harder. Tsk tsk tsk.... shame on you Malaysians.

04 March, 2010

Turmoil for Bum-Oil

The house of cards of white and blue that Anwar built seems to be slipping off. With just one MP less than DAP PKR is set to be relegated in the PKR coalition. BN has every reason to be happy for obvious reasons that they can see a brighter light at the end of the next GE. But that will be counting your chickens a bit too soon.

So the question is not about the PKR coalition but more on who has the right to lead the darn thing. Anwar is already tangled in some lubricating mishap (either if it is true or not it does not really matter) so this would serve as tipping scale as to what needs to be done to resolve the imbalance of head in the opposition coalition.

DAP will have a very valid reason to claim the coalition throne but it wont be an easy fight. I bet PAS would like to have a say in it as well. So, unless everything is kept civilized all hell possibly can break loose and BN can have their long overdue field-day.

What is this back stabbing? Come on it is bloody politics. Back stabbing is a culture and political reasons moot the point that back stabbing is a valid tactic. Nothing can be called foul in this slick bum oiled game. Again the rakyat will be left with no choice. Again the country wont be heading anywhere and again I might just as well spoil my vote for the next elections.