18 March, 2010

1Student, 1Sport: Whats with the "Gempak" taglines?

This 1 of everything is getting on my nerves. It is completely understood that as a nation we are striving to be together in doing everything. You know the "Muhibbah" tagline from yore. Well it is the same thing but updated for marketing purposes. So expect to have 1 in everything from the government. 1Malaysia, 1LRT, 1PASAR MALAM, 1KID, 1ISP, 1Satellite TV, 1SCHOOL, 1Corruption, 1Nepotism all also lah got 1.

But the government or lets say the ministers dont understand is we dont give a fuck what all this campaign / policy is called. The execution is what we want to know and judge. So we heard of the national KPI which how the grading is done is not being made public enough. The rakyat should have an avenue to give their opinions on the various government policies.

Referring the the latest debacle in parliament where Khairy and Anwar traded puns and accusations and other spit and spats we are not at all convinced that anything can be done. So many campaigns and policies and none are followed trough with a hard handed fist.

Back to the 1Sport, 1 Student thing... nice marketing touch. But seriously does the current time spent on sports or physical activity sufficient? Less than RM5 per child per year allocated for the development of school sports? That is not enough. There should be more ways than one to integrate sports into the curriculum. I remembered playing football for English. The trick was to only converse in English throughout the game. Those caught cursing or uttering in any other language are penalized by doing push-ups and to stay on the side-lines for 2 minutes. It was huge fun and funny too.

I do not blame the educators on their lack of creativity. I put the blame on the system that trained them to become educators. One can only teach what they are taught. Which makes perfect sense on the quality of sports at school level. The good ones are cherry picked to be in the school team while the others are not allowed to explore other type of sports that are not main stream. I guess education will always be second fiddle in priority.

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