16 March, 2010

OKU Parking: Malaysia apparently has plenty self proclaimed "disabled".

I would like to apologize first if this post offends the disabled. In no way my intentions is to make this group feel disrespected. I am referring to the recent woes of the disabled community. It is understandable that the hardship that they go trough daily bogs down their spirit but I do find many persevere the same or fair even better than the rest of us born with complete functional limbs.

However, some tend to choose to be disabled though their definition does not at all fall within the provision of society norms. I am ranting about those who deliberately park the vehicles in designated disabled parking plots. Somehow I don't think that this country has an education system that is entirely a failure. Thus how come we find very often that parking spaces for the disabled are being occupied by morons?

Perhaps they define disability a bit differently. Perhaps stupidity or lack of brains is a disability. Just have a look see at hypermarket car parks for instance. Driving along to find a parking spot one could not help it but be enticed to park in the spot reserved for the disabled. Just as when that thought passes and conscience hits us in zips a vehicle into that spot and out comes a perfectly able adult and sometimes the entire family of well groomed healthy looking specimens of their parents. Then in your heart you start cursing with the occasional mumble that escapes uttering somewhere along the lines of brain defect and retard. Only if they were really retards then it is forgiven but 99% of the time they are not.

Imagine how would a disabled feel? Already they have a hard time coping with less than perfect limbs and the awkward co-ordination to maneuver their vehicle in the crowded parking lot only to find that the disabled parking space to be taken up by someone which is perfectly (at least on limbs) healthy. Life is a bitch this disabled must think and continues to find a parking spot which he or she does eventually but is about a 100 meters away from the entrance. If they are wheelchair bound then figure that the poor person has to hop out of a cramp parking space and haul his walking aid or wheelchair from the trunk. Honestly if I were them I would have just parked my car right up at the entrance.

Of course my description does not entirely tell the whole story but I hope my dear readers get the picture. It is not a nice thing to do and the disabled already have a tough time living. So what harm is there to make their life easier? They never asked to be born or caught up in a mangling limb altering situation and finding a normal parking spot does not add up to your parking fee hours anyway. Believe me, in many ways the disabled community are the most motivated and gifted individuals in society. They take life with more courage than you muster every morning to get out of bed (for some of us that is very hard to do) and yet we either unconsciously or deliberately make their life even harder. Tsk tsk tsk.... shame on you Malaysians.

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