26 March, 2010

Police logo has Allah and Muhammad.

This is based solely on my observation and my logic, which has got me thinking for a bit and came to this point that it is inappropriate. If anyone has noticed that on the logo of the Royal Malaysian Police there at the top of the crown is Allah and Muhammad. This has to be referred to the fact that since it is the ROYAL Malaysian Police and the monarch in this country upholds the religion of Islam that this two words are designed into the PDRM's logo.

So from that thought I bet all those in the police force are carrying this logo on their attire for duty in various forms of patches, badges and pins. However I would like to highlight that the police force consists of all races and different faiths. The non Muslims might respect that badge as it is a logo of their duty and job but might not know how to respect the fact that the logo carries 2 symbols that is very-very important to Muslims.

No, I am not mentioning this to cause an uproar or some outcry over this matter but I am just curious if the members of the police force actually respect this matter in their day to day duties. Muslims do not place anything that has reference to the holy Quran on the floor or places that puts the contents in disrespect. That is why it is improper in practice to wear any form of jewelry or trinkets that carries even one holy word from the Quran.

It is just a concern and my two cents.

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kraken said...

not only the police, but in the arm forces as well...a lot of their logos, batches and insignia have crown with Allah n Muhammad...i dunno what to comment on this...