04 March, 2010

Turmoil for Bum-Oil

The house of cards of white and blue that Anwar built seems to be slipping off. With just one MP less than DAP PKR is set to be relegated in the PKR coalition. BN has every reason to be happy for obvious reasons that they can see a brighter light at the end of the next GE. But that will be counting your chickens a bit too soon.

So the question is not about the PKR coalition but more on who has the right to lead the darn thing. Anwar is already tangled in some lubricating mishap (either if it is true or not it does not really matter) so this would serve as tipping scale as to what needs to be done to resolve the imbalance of head in the opposition coalition.

DAP will have a very valid reason to claim the coalition throne but it wont be an easy fight. I bet PAS would like to have a say in it as well. So, unless everything is kept civilized all hell possibly can break loose and BN can have their long overdue field-day.

What is this back stabbing? Come on it is bloody politics. Back stabbing is a culture and political reasons moot the point that back stabbing is a valid tactic. Nothing can be called foul in this slick bum oiled game. Again the rakyat will be left with no choice. Again the country wont be heading anywhere and again I might just as well spoil my vote for the next elections.


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hurricanemax said...

if all of us spoilt our votes, then we are again staring at the same dicks that had been screwing the rakyak for the past donkey years...we should try the new dicks in town, no? I mean what could be worst?

Rauff said...

All opinions are welcome hurricanemax. I cant deny that you do have a point.