22 April, 2010

The basis of APCO - 1Malaysia debacle by the opposition is flacid.

It is a simple concept.... APCO rendered it's service for a price which the government paid for a marketing plan for a more harmonious Malaysia. To me there is not a problem when APCO is Isreali owned or did anything for the Isreali government. It is on that basis that the opposition crying foul over the 1Malaysia concept and the campaign for public awareness I say is flacid.

It would not make an inch of a difference too if lets say the government engaged a local PR and marketing firm. It is a just a business deal to render a service to get a public message across as fast as possible and in the most efficient way possible. As usual with the parliament deciding to debate on this issue rather than issues like GST we the rakyat should be aware that it's our tax money they are using to sit on the bench and argue about something so senseless. So that is a total waste of resources and effort.

But the opposition is very well known for their tactics to balloon a petty issue. Rather than question on the morality of spending RM77 million over a slogan why not try to figure what can the next RM77 million can be used for the wellbeing of the rakyat? This all again boils down back to Anwar who apparently still commands international scrutiny over everything that the government does against him.

On another note of claiming there are Isreali spies in our security forces defies belief. Come on ~ what could possibly be the reason for Israel to plant their agents in the country? If sambal belacan is what they are searching for than they wont find any in the armed forces. They should try Chow Kit instead, they might even get a nice discount.

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