17 April, 2010

Bills are no shrinking matter.

For ages and I mean ages I have seen my bills grow from just one during my good old bachelor days and now to more than I can mentally count. I wouldn't even dare to start on how much I have spent on bills alone. Of course there many sort of discounts out there but there is always a catch in some mouthwatering deal.

I have changed cell-phone plans over the past 5 years more times than an apple tree can grow apples in a year. This is all so I can save a few bucks off from
the cheapest cellphone plans. To a certain extent my manual labour seemed to work.

Don't let me get to my credit card bills. Owh, they are just a pain. Wondered why I had to pick up the cards in the first place. Perhaps I was just naive and jumped the gun when picking a plan. Should have just
compared credit card plans and see which offers the best rates and service. But yeah how could one digest all the information and filter in their heads on which is good or not? Who reads the fine prints?

So as I was ambling along online finding good deals being the cheapskate and underpaid I am, viola! I might have just found the solution. Now why haven't someone thought something like
Billshrink earlier? Finally someone with the same thoughts as I did but actually made a service out of it to serve the greater good. Looks like I can now keep my hard-earned underpaid money!

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