27 April, 2010

BN gains Hulu Selangor. PKR cross legged.

First things firsts. I am not a Hulu Selangor voter. So that settles that I am merely an observer from the outside. BN got the much needed boost and PKR had to swallow a bitter pill. The speculators and me included keep asking what went wrong for PKR? I could not agree more with Mahaguru. Perhaps this time around BN beat PKR by candidate to candidate.

I don't think that will change much in terms on how BN intends to rule. But the outlook may indicate some form of change for the better and perhaps Najib took the task to choosing a candidate very seriously. Now it just remains the fact of how many more like Kamalanathan does BN have in their roster. Because they need every single one they have to win back 2/3 majority come next General Elections.

For now it is time for those in Hulu Selangor to cash in on the campaign promises. BN better pay-up or their Kamalanathan might just wet his pants and weep silently.

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