28 April, 2010

Election petition for Ulu Selangor is a waste of time.

Fact: PKR are sore loosers. Especially when they have had a winning streak.

Fact: Zaid Ibrahim is a sore looser. Jumping from BN to PKR does not guarantee a vote of popularity.

Reflecting on the outcome of Hulu Selangor is a bitter pill to swallow. But to put it into retrospect BN has done the right thing in concentrating where it counts most. So for all kinds of allegations made by Zaid on behalf of PKR it wont make any difference. We all know the sort of election system we have is not entirely transparent especially the part where the ballots are counted but the outcome is reflected purely in the numbers. 1700 plus votes is a lot to loose by and to come up with that figure the recounts are many.

The PKR camp surely made a bad call in strategy somewhere that they deserved the results they got. Putting Hulu Selangor aside they should be concentrating the by elections in Sibu. BN has done just that for Hulu Selangor where they took the loss in previous by elections and made decisions where it counts. Zaid should know a petition could not do much thus he should just continue campaigning for Sibu with the rest of the PKR jing bang.

If PKR were to dwell in this then it might look like a landslide victory for BN in Sibu where BN has been so dominant in Sarawak for many-many years. Get over it Zaid and put energy instead to better use. Strike that attitude as null and void, it is wont be valid in Sibu.

Read the report from Star.

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