20 April, 2010

How would you like better pay?

The topic is actually a very stupid question. But somehow it struck me this morning like the flat side of a knife on garlic. Slightly teary eyed I murmured to my self "why not?" But lets look at the competition. Where I work there is not really much of a competition. However it's a place where the adage "Know none, do none" applies even when it is the job scope in the first place.

It has come to my realization that foreigners are idiots. At least some of the ones I have worked with are. However the management thinks they are highly skilled and very hardworking. Yes indeed they are skilled.... specifically in bullshitting all the way to Timbuktu.

But the management thinks that hiring foreigners is a good marketing exercise. That carries a significant amount of brownie points to utter "We have an experienced international team". Wow! That sounds mighty impressive in pre-bid documents and presentations. For that fact we locals tend to get a bit left out in the job market. Especially if the international resource is from India, Indonesia, Thailand and other random 3rd world nations.

Now back to the title.... of course I would like better pay! But does that mean competing with incompetent foreign labour with shit as brains and an ass for body? Let me state this clearly.... working for a MNC is all swell. But working in a local firm that employs so called professional foreigners can be a pain in the nether regions at times. Of course some are honest~ but is the cost justified for their expertise?

To us locals this is where these foreigners are ass holes. First, they know nuts about our culture. Guys dont hold each others hands for any reason in this country unless of course they like to polish each others knobs. Second, of course they know English.... but they cant speak, let alone write complete sentences without confusing a 10 year old. Yet we have to take them into account as valid competition. Why? Because these bastards get paid so much more just because they hold passports of a different colour.

Look, if they are good and I mean really good I won't give my two nuts a chance to question how much are they paid. But if the merit on pay grade is made based on "international" status then kindly make a u-turn for the nearest Malaysian border.
So YES I would want better pay simply based on my merit that I know my shit and I am a proud Malaysian. Now for all the overpaid foreigners who think they are that great just take note.... not all locals you work with are stupid. So give us hardworking Malaysians our well deserved money please and get the hell out of our country.

*The author has nothing against foreigners working in the country if it creates good competition. But the useless and lying piece of shit seriously do not deserve to take home the Malaysian Ringgit.

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