23 April, 2010

Hulu Selangor and Zaid Ibrahim

The political career of one Zaid Ibrahim can be said as a roller coaster. But to judge a man solely based on hearsay is wrong and unfair. However the sources available to the public and especially those in Hulu Selangor is neither promising or promoting so now the people in Hulu Selangor need to just hold their breath and mark X on the ballot paper when the time comes.

Hulu Selangor hosts a parliamentary seat and is a great deal to both the government and the opposition. It means one mouth and opinion more in terms of vote to the various tabled legislations throughout the year. Which may be what determines the future of the country and the rest of us Malaysians in general.

As usual the by elections held so far since the General Elections are always sprinkled with controversy, name calling, taunting and ridiculous accusations bordering child play. I do have to figure out why place a man who has no relation to Hulu Selangor to contest? For the people, they do not know him. But just for the fact to have an experienced lawyer in their side in parliament is the objective of the opposition. Which seems to prove that Karpal does not give that edge anymore.

With BN poking fun at Zaid for his gambling, drinking and other liberties that has yet to be proven true on all accounts.... the salvos maybe intensely firing but at the most it sounds like just empty farts. We know that lawyers are essentially professional liars with fat pay... one day they can defend a single mother for her rights to her children and another they can defend a serial rapist that raped that mother in the first place. So indeed Zaid might just be the man for the opposition.

Zaid ceases to realize that he is indeed the pawn in all this. From the days he was a minister he was used..... and now in Hulu Selangor he is used again. So a lawyer with no morals and principles will happily lap and wag where the money is offered just as long he stays alive, rich and with some consolation of power. I feel sad and sorry for the voters in Hulu Selangor where both the ruling party and the opposition is not seriously attending to your needs but more to have a bigger slice of pie in parliament.

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