21 April, 2010

Owh Bung~ Afraid of wife is it?

Yeah~ well as they say men would always want more than they can handle especially when it comes to women. So in this specific case of Bung Mokhtar it is simply not surprising. But one can already tell that he is a cheeky fellow since he made that remark in parliament "Mana ada bocor? Batu Gajah pun bocor tiap-tiap bulan juga." So what is really funny is that the way he admitted to polygamy with Hot Rod Zizie Ezette. Which we can surely guess the hush-hush approach to his marriage is to avoid awakening the dormant beast of his lawfully wedded wife.

However with a few snooping reporters setting their intelligent reconnaissance techniques to good use and fished out Bung almost freshly wet. Obviously it does not help when he appeared along side his vixen at a popular local awards night. I find this entertaining not because he is a politician with a celebrity second wife but more to the fact that how scared men can be of their wives when the itchy crotch question come to mind.

So what is the resolution? Obviously Bung had his "First" night with his new wife. So going in and out of court does not really do much.... he would obviously go "home" to vixen rather than get pummeled by his first wife. But all this could have been avoided if and only if Bung stood up strong like he did in his pants when he laid eyes in Ziezie and be a man and tell his first wife his intentions to marry another.

Now, all Bung can do is hope and pray that his old wife would not sue the daylights out of him.... which all of us know that has a slim chance of not happening. Good one Bung..... I guess your secret "Bocor" anyway. Hahahahahah~!!!!

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