20 April, 2010

Thaksin the terrorist?

Thaksin the current man of the hour in Thailand. Seems that his supporters follows as he says unconditionally. Which is a very worrying thing. The clash of civilians and soldiers shall always result in a very obvious outcome. Someone will end up dead, more will end up hurt and more will blame each other who was responsible for it. The leaders don't really do much but shrugs and gives press statements that no one gave the order to kill.

Great. Thaksin has indeed proven how influential a leader he is to his band of Red ants. But the question remains... is Thaksin a terrorist? TO a certain extent I do think so. Once a national hero that has fallen from grace and with that many supporters can twist into a monster that frightens the public. Not to say the least all he wants is fresh elections to satisfy his ego self that he does not have the support of the whole of Thailand.

As Malaysians, we have to take into account that Thailand is a neighbour. Also along the border there will surely be some influence spilling over. Is Thaksin's influence strong enough to prompt a move from his supporters at the border to act to his bidding? If so it could be that Thaksin is terrorist material after all. I say our armed forces should keep a vigilant eye at the border gates and surrounding areas. We wouldn't want a war plot brewing on our doorstep.

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