12 May, 2010

Easier to charge a policeman than saying sorry.

It seems to be hard to get an apology these days. Is there really red tape surrounding the issue to give out a press statement and apologizing publicly? The Home Ministry and the Police in my opinion has really bad PR. The proof is there that a civil servant shot a boy with no criminal record whatsoever and even if the boy was at wrong is it so hard to just say sorry?

Somehow I am pretty surprised that there is no indication that the family of Aminulrasyid wants to sue yet. Which if their patience wears thin and statement of apology over the matter is not given I do think sooner or later they might just want to sue PDRM and even the Home Ministry. So just to avoid such PR disaster and make matters worse just say bloody sorry. Unless of course egos are on the line then I can only say PDRM and the Home Ministry are pricks.

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