09 May, 2010

Legalization of Sports Betting in Malaysia.

I would like to pose a question to all the ministers in cabinet, is Malaysia an Islamic State? From the recent but brief reign of Tun Pak Lah I somewhat remember that everyone in the ruling party camp vehemently promotes that Islam is the official Religion and Malaysia is an Islamic State. Even boldly stated to be one and whole along side other Islamic States in the world. Unless I missed a part stated somewhere that all PR done by a previous Prime Minister is null and void and the current government and PM does not carry the same virtue (even when all this time they are from the same camp). Clearly not very 1 Malaysia right?

Gambling in this country is a sticky issue. Not many companies are given privilege to run such activities legally. But since the World Cup is around the corner someone thought it might just be a bloody good idea to make Sports Betting legal. It does not take a preacher to tell you that it's a downhill road from there onwards. So I am not going to preach, not that much at least.

Gambling among other things is the start to many moral and social degradation. Do we need to see more "investors" wasting their hard earned money that a healthy economy provides into a pool of spinning luck? Fine, there are odds that can be calculated but what does that tell you? There will always be 2 sides of the coin. Generally when there are those winning there will be even more loosing. What happens then? The balance of economy shifts and creates a divide.... Happy and Miserable.

For a government, it is their responsibility to ensure happiness. Now for happiness to take shape there needs to be equal demand and supply. Of course that is Utopia if perfection is sought but the closer the balance in general everyone is happy. Now if Sports Betting is legalized that balance of happiness shifts to a minority. Because only a minority see the fruit of their odds calculation and the rest who miscalculated their odds wins depression. Already as it is we see many broken families, some send their relatives to the loony bin, while others borrow, beg or steal to make up their losses.

The word "consideration" to legalize Sports Betting should not even be thought off by a government which stamp and brand Malaysia as an Islamic State. I mean seriously what are you people in the cabinet drinking? The millions in estimated revenue from legalizing Sports Betting is surely to be used for damage control more than anything else. Imagine the destruction in public property over some sore loosing gamblers, the rising crime rate because of more people will beg, borrow or steal to fund their addiction to calculation of odds and the moral degradation of children having to return to families that are no longer there.

So when all hell breaks loose what would be next? Too much sad people? Lets legalize prostitution and drugs. Too many babies thrown away? Legalize international child adoption. The streets aren't safe to walk anymore? Legalize firearms to the public? Hey~ now we wont be too far off America!!! 1Malaysia, Yakin Boleh (Hmmm...sounds like Obama's "Yes we can")!

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