13 May, 2010

On vote buying spree again. RM18 Million.

It is either political culture or is it tradition that allocation of millions of Ringgit goes out to constituency of by elections. From Hulu Selangor RM3 million to a chinese school and now a sum off RM18 million to several schools in Sibu this move by Najib is very peculiar and the motives are questionable. Why is it that large sums of money is available and is dispersed easily during by elections and not trough proper channels of the Ministry of Finance to the relevant Ministries?

Upgrade of education facilities is the responsibility of the government and it is not a gift come by elections unless the funds are of course from other sources. Where does all this money come from is not clearly stated and the manner in which it is given out can be blatant vote buying.

Yet no one says anything about it or perhaps all the reports against it is blanked out by the pro-BN media. Anyway... it is good for the schools. Now they can properly plan for better facilities and activities for the kids. But that does not mean their parents will vote for BN.

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