30 June, 2010

Orientation week = Ragging

As a new semester starts in public universities we shall see the future of our nation in the hands of the education system for the next 5 years. But what defines this period is the induction or orientation week held for the first week of the semester. After the freak case involving an RMC student, the government is cautious and is paying extra attention to other public institutions across the country.

So it is proven when only something bad has happened that the authorities will want to take some sort of action. Typical them, poor us. However I must say that this culture of ragging (organized bullying) is so irrelevant since there is no specific standard and is totally up to the seniors to run the show. This has it's good and bad. One the officials of higher education need not spend time on the program and get on to other tasks. Second, seniors have some fun time to somewhat revenge what happened to them when they were the underlings.

However I think ragging is an essential part of character building. It is something like a boot camp to quickly build mental strength to make it trough the years ahead in varsities. Some kids make it while some do not. Some develop better interpersonal skills while some timid into isolation. In other words there is not a set syllabus or program to properly mold these kids and quantify the success rate of the orientation week.

Then there is the part where sometimes there are seniors that just go overboard. Resorting to physical violence and mental torture which the sole purpose is to humiliate and degrade the poor kids as much as possible. Sometimes even violating basic human rights. My idea is that a standard law of conduct has to be drawn formally by a central body. The ministry of Higher Education should take this to task. Station officers throughout the orientation week in all public and private tertiary institutions just to oversee that everything goes accordingly. But the most importantly it will be a place for the freshies to submit complaints of improper conduct by the seniors during the programme.

The government should consider this as it does address the concern of undergraduates being treated properly and the universities for benchmark their orientation week programme. We would not want to development mentally disturbed youths now do we?

14 June, 2010

Auctioned vehicle registration number is a sign of a recovering economy?

Amusing is one word to associate to this news report. Apparently the number of bids on a good vehicle registration number is a sign of buying power and that translates to a recovering economy. Maybe there is a tiny bit of truth there. But I do believe that that can't be used as a tangible indicator of our economy's performance thus far. And how many individuals actually bid for such things is just a tiny percentile of the working population.

I do take that the Chinese take their numbers seriously and even a smaller number take their vehicle registration number even more seriously than others. There is a also a trend amongst other races in this but in such small numbers that it can be neglected in this observation.

However I am puzzled as to why some might want to spend a fortune on a number for their vehicle? Some say it brings luck. Well OK, we do have that culture. But for Tens of thousands and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of Ringgit? How lucky can a number get? I think the RTD are the lucky ones.

To me wasting such amounts of money on an intangible asset like vehicle registration numbers is not wise. But as we all know, money to some is nothing while to others is everything. So go figure.

Full report here.

04 June, 2010

Why are the Zionist still very healthy?

Putting aside to what happened off the shores of Gaza recently I would want to actually put attention to the source of the problem. Referring to the Israeli government which many call Zionist (it sounds like profanity if you ask me) why are they still healthy and no one dares to put a stop to the injustice. My question is to the rest of the world.

What does it take for everyone to gather the balls to stop this particular nation from terrorizing Palestinians? I am sorry if some think that it is not the Jew's fault. But the fact is that the majority that takes great lengths to torture the less fortunate and snatch the birthrights of another nation are very very much as Jew as it can possibly be.

This is not a war about territory, it is not war about wealth, but it is war about the right to live. Above all else the many barbaric acts by the Zionist is towards Muslims. It is so specific that I bet if one is a Jew but stays in Palestine the Israelis would most certainly launch an offensive just to get that one idiot back on Israeli's side of the border.

Now what are the Muslim nations doing? What is OIC doing? There was once a time when a man named Yasser Araffat championed for Palestinian freedom. Now he is no more.... so does that mean the effort to protect the Palestinians does not fall on other Muslim nations? I am saddened that the Middle East Oil producing nations are just washing their hands in this matter because their trades are with the Zionist's supporters and financiers.

I believe the UN can't do shit because the structure of the UN favours the allies of Israel. The next strongest group of countries when put together are the OIC. The world's economy actually revolves around the natural resource that they have which god has given not only to share with but also as leverage to favour Muslims the world over when in times of need.

So why are the Zionist still very healthy? Simple, because the Muslim nations refuse to do anything. The Prime Ministers, Kings and Syahs are too happy to just rake in the money from the sale of black gold. Why aren't Muslims united in all sense? Why only unite in saying the same thing~ release a press statement condemning the Zionist and thats it? That is all they can do? Ask someone to write a press statement? Come on~ gather your balls and the people of your nation will unite and annihilate the tiny Zionist.

03 June, 2010

Lame News: PM visits Police Station.

After many many years yesterday's news on television was indeed the most boring ever. Half of the local news was about the PM visiting a police station. Ok fine, so we see that PM is paying attention to the little people on the street but there is not a big deal to it now is there?

The news dragged on to finally the PM leaving the country to VIENTIANE. OWhhh.... ahhhh..... a day in the life of a Prime Minister. Then there was the whole thing about how much crime in PJ has gone down. Simply because all the available police force in PJ are on rounds in the area of jurisdiction and their clerical and administrative work has been handled by civil servants. Yeahhh.... good one.

Let me get this straight, so a police goes out on his rounds and returns to report in an incident. All he or she does is whip out his cheapo note pad and starts scribbling details then returns to the station and pass it to the civil servant and types out the report for the said officer. Great! All that IT training for police officers paid by us taxpayers has just gone to waste. Owh well you cant win them all right?

Please lah..... there is more happening in the country than just our PM walking around PJ Damansara and getting his armpits all sweaty.

02 June, 2010

60:40 Kampung Baru Redevelopment

I personally have an attachment to the said place. In fact part of my childhood took place in that area, to be specific my great grandparent's house. Honestly then the place petrified me. The busy wet market and the numerous loitering drug addicts in the late 90s kept me pretty much occupied indoors.

Now this I hear that the government wants to re-develop that area. Into what it has been proposed and into what in the end it will be I have my sincere doubts. But re-development does not mean it is for the good for sure. The many plots of land are now owned by second and some even third generation descendants from the original owners.

So imagine the many plots that have been subdivided amongst siblings. Some to 2 while on average 5 co-owners per plot. From what I gather the plots of property is worth millions. So one can imagine that there are tussles on whether to sell off or to wait for the price to be offered up by unscrupulous parties who sees Kampung Baru as a diamond in the rough.

Honestly I am no Malay extremist. Nor do I really care much on what they do to Kampung Baru. But if family values is to go by this 60:40 scheme of joint redevelopment is indeed causing a bit of a headache. It is after all Malay Reserved land. Which means apart from the high value Kampung Baru holds a much bigger agenda in the stench of the wet market.

Some cry foul over the proposal of joint development between Malays and non-Malays. Some thinks that Kampung Baru is in desperate need for refurbishment partly to clean it's image and revitalize the commerce activity of that area. Honestly for such a small stretch of road it is causing such a commotion.

Families will be forced to sell their property because the value is so premium. Developers wants that pie so bad because they know it is a gold mine. I could smell dirty politicians plotting their schemes to make a lucrative buck, not to mention cunning businessmen hooking pinky finger with politicians.

For whatever the reason it may be Kampung Baru should be redeveloped. One it is full of history. It is iconic, and it sticks to many hearts of those who grew up in that area. The disputes of to sell or not is not really in an observer's hands. Malay reserve was and I repeat was a right and on top of that a privilege. But times have changed and money seems to be the cause and root of all change. Land owners have their right to sell but for heaven's sake keep in mind Kampung Baru is filled with history good and bad. Perhaps turning it into a heritage site would be good for everyone.