14 June, 2010

Auctioned vehicle registration number is a sign of a recovering economy?

Amusing is one word to associate to this news report. Apparently the number of bids on a good vehicle registration number is a sign of buying power and that translates to a recovering economy. Maybe there is a tiny bit of truth there. But I do believe that that can't be used as a tangible indicator of our economy's performance thus far. And how many individuals actually bid for such things is just a tiny percentile of the working population.

I do take that the Chinese take their numbers seriously and even a smaller number take their vehicle registration number even more seriously than others. There is a also a trend amongst other races in this but in such small numbers that it can be neglected in this observation.

However I am puzzled as to why some might want to spend a fortune on a number for their vehicle? Some say it brings luck. Well OK, we do have that culture. But for Tens of thousands and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of Ringgit? How lucky can a number get? I think the RTD are the lucky ones.

To me wasting such amounts of money on an intangible asset like vehicle registration numbers is not wise. But as we all know, money to some is nothing while to others is everything. So go figure.

Full report here.

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