03 June, 2010

Lame News: PM visits Police Station.

After many many years yesterday's news on television was indeed the most boring ever. Half of the local news was about the PM visiting a police station. Ok fine, so we see that PM is paying attention to the little people on the street but there is not a big deal to it now is there?

The news dragged on to finally the PM leaving the country to VIENTIANE. OWhhh.... ahhhh..... a day in the life of a Prime Minister. Then there was the whole thing about how much crime in PJ has gone down. Simply because all the available police force in PJ are on rounds in the area of jurisdiction and their clerical and administrative work has been handled by civil servants. Yeahhh.... good one.

Let me get this straight, so a police goes out on his rounds and returns to report in an incident. All he or she does is whip out his cheapo note pad and starts scribbling details then returns to the station and pass it to the civil servant and types out the report for the said officer. Great! All that IT training for police officers paid by us taxpayers has just gone to waste. Owh well you cant win them all right?

Please lah..... there is more happening in the country than just our PM walking around PJ Damansara and getting his armpits all sweaty.

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