04 June, 2010

Why are the Zionist still very healthy?

Putting aside to what happened off the shores of Gaza recently I would want to actually put attention to the source of the problem. Referring to the Israeli government which many call Zionist (it sounds like profanity if you ask me) why are they still healthy and no one dares to put a stop to the injustice. My question is to the rest of the world.

What does it take for everyone to gather the balls to stop this particular nation from terrorizing Palestinians? I am sorry if some think that it is not the Jew's fault. But the fact is that the majority that takes great lengths to torture the less fortunate and snatch the birthrights of another nation are very very much as Jew as it can possibly be.

This is not a war about territory, it is not war about wealth, but it is war about the right to live. Above all else the many barbaric acts by the Zionist is towards Muslims. It is so specific that I bet if one is a Jew but stays in Palestine the Israelis would most certainly launch an offensive just to get that one idiot back on Israeli's side of the border.

Now what are the Muslim nations doing? What is OIC doing? There was once a time when a man named Yasser Araffat championed for Palestinian freedom. Now he is no more.... so does that mean the effort to protect the Palestinians does not fall on other Muslim nations? I am saddened that the Middle East Oil producing nations are just washing their hands in this matter because their trades are with the Zionist's supporters and financiers.

I believe the UN can't do shit because the structure of the UN favours the allies of Israel. The next strongest group of countries when put together are the OIC. The world's economy actually revolves around the natural resource that they have which god has given not only to share with but also as leverage to favour Muslims the world over when in times of need.

So why are the Zionist still very healthy? Simple, because the Muslim nations refuse to do anything. The Prime Ministers, Kings and Syahs are too happy to just rake in the money from the sale of black gold. Why aren't Muslims united in all sense? Why only unite in saying the same thing~ release a press statement condemning the Zionist and thats it? That is all they can do? Ask someone to write a press statement? Come on~ gather your balls and the people of your nation will unite and annihilate the tiny Zionist.

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Trashed said...

The Muslim countries are not doing anything because within the Palestinian nation, there is the Hamas grouping and then there is the Fatah group.

One wants to use more violence while the other promotes less.

Perhaps the Muslim countries do not want to campur tangan especially with Hamas in case they (Hamas) turn on them as well.

In the mean time, the Israelis will prosper as long as the Palestinians are divided.