21 July, 2010

Are there any other Muntik's?

The verdict to the murder case of a maid was welcomed by many. From what I can tell the Indonesian government seem not to let this go until justice is served for their citizen who was literally tortured to death. The Malaysian government too can't take the case too lightly as the thought of loosing foreign workers sends chills down many spines.

But what does this all mean? Would there be a specific law for foreign workers in general? The government has a responsibility not only towards Malaysians but to the foreigners working in the country as well. I could not imagine our economy could survive without the help of foreign workers since Malaysians themselves are picky about their jobs.

I laud any move by the government to quickly have a law on protecting the rights of foreign workers and be detailed terms as to the length and fringe benefits that one is entitled to. It will be an act of good faith on our part to be responsible employers rather than the likes of the dead man walking.

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