14 August, 2010

Poor Babies.

Could there be a civic divide between races in this country? I suspect there is so since the numerous reports of abandoned babies seem to by majority involved non-married Malay couples. Coincidently they are I assume Muslims too. The Baby Hatch launched by the government seems not to be helping much either because the location is not as convenient as just dumping a baby in a garbage bin or the public in general has no idea that it exists.

I do seriously think one other way to tackle these irresponsible couples is by actually giving them harsher sentences. But in order to do that is the need to trace them first. More go missing than being found and we would not know if there are repeat offenders. God! How can one dispose a baby once and then do it again the next time is beyond my comprehension.

To be objective the disposal of unwanted babies is murder (if the baby is found dead) or attempted murder if the baby is found alive but in such a deplorable state. I think the case would be different if the baby is left in a mosque or some public area where someone would not take too long to notice.

It is indeed everyone's responsibility to ensure such cases do not happen. However it surely boils down to the education and upbringing of these unwed couples. Some might be legally married too but too poor to afford to raise a child. Whatever the reasons may be there must be a mechanism where we as a society can help out these struggling couples or at least the baby. Honestly this is a kind of social epidemic that may grow to be detrimental to all of us if we do not actively do something about it.