19 November, 2010

YTL foray into ISP could possibly be at consumer's advantage.

It's been ages since I wrote something here. Actually it was an unannounced sabbatical. The scene was getting really boring and saturated with really stupid issues so before I became of of those who was desperate enough to  write about stupid issues I gave blogging a break. Not that I bother if my readership drops since I earn almost nothing for each visit of your anyway.

YTL is diversifying into the ISP business. 4G to be exact. So we already have a handful of providers and now comes another one. Some speculate that there will be a price war looming once YTL gets up to speed. But can we directly see internet fees dropping below RM100 and yet maintain high speeds? If there is one thing that all of our ISP are short changing us is consistency. Most will claim at best effort basis and that happens how often?

There is a simple problem. There is only so much the market can hold and with YTL the market becomes more brittle. Very few have multiple internet accounts... perhaps to most the minority only subscribe services from 2 ISP. One for home use and the other for mobile use. I know many can't leave home without checking on their various farms and armies online. Owh not to forget the cam-whoring blogger types.

But if there is a scant possibility that internet fees dip far below the RM100 per month for 1Mb all the better. Then perhaps we could pressure the providers to remove the stupid fair usage policy? Even if majority of us do not exceed the allocation but it would be nice to know that it is no longer there. Let the ISP fight~ then we shall wait and see who has the most bang for our Ringgit.