31 July, 2012

What is with a logo?

55 years of independence. 55 years of learning how to get the logo right.... all was going very well until... yes the 55th year! I don't think I need to post an image of how it looks, you people can just search it on Google under 101 logo design blunders.

So some say it is not a logo. While some even say they are not voting unless the logo is changed. Well I say, its just a logo. A very ugly one at that but I am still voting. For all the points that points out the obvious flaws of this so called National Day Logo lets just move on to more pressing issues. Such as why on earth are we stuck with morons running the country. Same goes to the other side of the fence....the opposition are not at all very intelligent and their actions points South and away from Putrajaya.

Come to think of it.... now the logo looks somewhat appropriate. We can't decide what we want thus the logo translates to just that.

25 July, 2012

Getting it back up to speed.

Recently I have had the time to go through my old posts on this here blog. I was expecting there to be some posts that I would cringe and regret writing. Surprisingly I seem to agree to my self more and more. Perhaps I am just too full of my self or I am faintly correct in proving my points. I can't be entirely sure as those who read this blog or used to read it do not leave comments. I have passive readers I think.

Now whichever way this goes I don't see a point to start over and dismiss my past. I have changed a lot somewhat but not to the point that I would like to shut down this blog and loose all the crap that I have written. Thus I hope I could continue from where I have left off.

It (my writing) may or may not be as sharp as it used to be, but I do feel I want to contribute my thoughts on my own terms. Take it as it is, agree to what you may see fit but seriously it is more about me than you. It's just that if you agree do leave a comment and if you disagree do leave a comment too. But that does not mean I have to respond to it. It's my blog.... so I can pretty much write whatever I want.

Here is to more from Bullets of Quills and Ink.