31 July, 2012

What is with a logo?

55 years of independence. 55 years of learning how to get the logo right.... all was going very well until... yes the 55th year! I don't think I need to post an image of how it looks, you people can just search it on Google under 101 logo design blunders.

So some say it is not a logo. While some even say they are not voting unless the logo is changed. Well I say, its just a logo. A very ugly one at that but I am still voting. For all the points that points out the obvious flaws of this so called National Day Logo lets just move on to more pressing issues. Such as why on earth are we stuck with morons running the country. Same goes to the other side of the fence....the opposition are not at all very intelligent and their actions points South and away from Putrajaya.

Come to think of it.... now the logo looks somewhat appropriate. We can't decide what we want thus the logo translates to just that.

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